Code of Conduct

1. Respect your crew.  Every member was hand picked to join us in our pursuit of charity to our communities and service to the Pirate Community at large.  Every member of our crew from our Captains to our Powder Monkeys are active in and embrace Pirate Community.

2. Appreciate the crew’s business.  We are all free to speak for ourselves, but when it comes to the crew, be mindful and speak only on things public and known to be true.  We are not a secret society, but we do seek to be purposeful.

3. Respect our Not-So-Jolly Roger.  The symbolism outlined in your induction, protecting our Earth, the tools we use to help, shelter in inclement weather and the people we have yet to help, should be minded when publicly wearing our armbands, flying our flags, or wearing our shirts.

4. Be kind and treat people fairly.

Charity and Events

Charity and Events

  • Each Chapter promotes 12 events annually.

  • All Officers are required to attend 3 of the 6 Calendared charity events and these events require no less than 5 Officers in attendance.

  • Working with and on behalf of other crews is one of the best ways we can affect charity in our communities.  If another crew’s charity is open to the public and other crews we will try to have a presence and support their events.

  • We should attend and support pirate events and festivals in our communities.

Annual Parties and The Captain’s Congress

  • Each Chapter should host an annual party in August-ish that is open to the pirate community.

  • Each Chapter’s Captain and/or Quartermaster are required to attend the Captain’s Congress.  This is an annual video call meant for every chapter to touch base with each other.

Officer Ranks

Networking and Chapter Direction (Holder of the Telescope)
Book Keeping and Logistics (Holder of the Logbook)
Social Media Manager (Holder of the nautical chart)
Event Equipment Manager (Holder of the Boatswain’s Whistle)
Event Organizer (Holder of the Compass)
Master at Arms:
Crew Equipment Manager (Holder of the Powder Horn)
Builder (Holder of the Belt Pouch)
First Aid Manager (Holder of the Apothecary Pouch)
Deck Cadet:
Assistance (Holder of a Gold Pouch)
Deck Hand:
Assistance (Holder of a Gold Pouch)


It was a dark and stormy night in June of 2022 in a tavern on the Space Coast of Florida…. Except that it was during the day… and in a park… but still dark and stormy, when 4 people shared drinks and pizza and founded 10 Rapscallions and a sister Viking Crew called Children of Muninn.

The global COVID 19 Pandemic was a catalyst for many things. The larger Pirate Community had been hit pretty hard and had slowed. Everyone was itching to do something and we knew we wanted to help and do it quickly and efficiently so we founded.

None of us really knew what we were doing, but our founding Captain and Quartermaster had been trying for years to get toiletry drives and handouts going for the homeless so that’s where we started. We made a list of items, sent it out, people started donating and we set about finding a venue. It took a while, but a deal was struck with Matthew’s Hope in Cocoa Florida to facilitate the handouts.

Our first charity was a huge success that involved another local crew and a local organization and would be the framework that would define how we do our charities. Bring the Pirate Community together and do work with an organization. After this we saw explosive growth gaining 9 of our 10 officers for the National Chapter, a few other members and talks of opening a Florida Chapter that can travel to do more outside of our local area.

Come 2023 and the Pirate Community would grind itself back into gear. 10 Rapscallions would do a second handout in April and got to help other crews do an amazing thing at Make ‘M Smile in Orlando.

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