Who Are the 10 Rapscallions?

Our Mission

"Ad Servitium"
(to Service)

When we congregate, that small part of the world should be a better place than before we showed up.  Everyone should feel happier and safer for us having been there and no one should ever leave hungrier or thirstier.

10 Rapscallions is an exclusive group of pirates driven by service to our communities and the pirate community at large.  We interact with the community solely based on character rather than race, religion, gender, sexual identity, sexuality or political affiliations.

We seek to build long lasting relationships with each other and other crews and help grow the pirate community.  We seek to do charity in our communities and alongside community organizations and other crews.

When we attract new members it should be because of our character and the examples we set.

National Chapter
*Founder & First 10*

Captain Jonathan "Gruesome Grims" Grimuez

National Chapter
*Founder & First 10*

Quartermaster Ash

National Chapter
*First 10*

Helmsman Unus

National Chapter
*First 10*

Navigator Lady Michrona

National Chapter
*First 10*

Boatswain Lady Night Star

National Chapter
*First 10*

Master at Arms Lil Nokeys Annus

National Chapter

Surgeon Tenhats Bookman

National Chapter

Cooper Troy Grey Ghosthawk Johnson

National Chapter

Deck Cadet Slappy Kat

National Chapter
*First 10*

Deck Hand Sir Henry Drake

Sea Cats Chapter
*First 10 & 11th Rapscallion*

Captain "Soapy" Sam Wolfe

10 Feathers Chapter

Captain Xar'ee Apuga Wia

Florida Chapter
*First 10*

Quartermaster Captain KevDawg

Florida Chapter

Helmsman Crystal Treasure

Florida Chapter

Cooper Captain Ted

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Join Our Crew

To join our Crew, show up at one of our many events. Once you have let us know of your interest you will become a Landlubber Rank initiate.

Our Member Ranks

Landlubbers are people who are active in the Pirate Community and have expressed an interest in joining the crew.

Powder Monkeys
Powder Monkeys are fully inducted members who have promised to uphold our Mission and Orders of Servitude. They have been active in the community and attended our events regularly as a Landlubber.

Officers are people who are willing to go above and beyond in the name of charity and in the Pirate Community and can dedicate the time necessary to make the crew function.

11th Rapscallion
The 11th Rapscallion is one individual meant to tie break votes across the entire organization.  They also step in to help chapters function in the event of an emergency.

Our Live Event Calendar


Pirate Invasion: River Lanes (Toiletry Donation Event)

  • River Lanes Family Entertainment Center, 800 Cheney Hwy, Titusville, FL 32780, USA View on Map
    17:00 - 22:00
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